Duraseal has a huge color selection with 37 beautiful color choices currently offered. What seems to be missing with the stains is the top coat. These are some really excellent tips on picking out the proper flooring for your home. Minwax is the stain choice that most DIY bloggers use. Modern tech wood floors offers free estimates for the greater Portland Oregon area 541 961 1798 . 90 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. So it’s important to be on the same page with your flooring contractor about this because it’s important. Because there are so many items available to you, this can be a slow process. . your own Pins on Pinterest Your email address will not be published. My neighbor just did dark walnut on her red oak and they weren’t too dark at all. Duraseal and Minwax are owned by the same company – Minwax. Dura Seal Quick Coat Penetrating Finish - Antique Brown - Quart. Its unique formulation provides a surface that can be topcoated in two hours. ), you may have different results. Some of the popular colors include Classic Gray, English Chestnut, Neutral, Medium Brown and Provincial. Karen is the founder of Decor Hint, and a former computer tech turned Realtor turned Decorator/DIY'er. There are so many wood stain colors, and I’m impressed you were able to narrow it down! However, in the end it’s your decision; I’m sure the hardwood floors will look great no matter which stain you choose! I know a lot of people are using the dark walnut now but I just thought it might be a little darker than I wanted. That is — before I actually saw the stains on the floor. We were getting closer to a winner though! Because we really didn’t want any red or yellow undertones. Duraseal is more widely used by flooring professionals. No, that’s why we just applied to the clear coat. This is a mid toned reddish brownish color. We also have red oak floors and I would like a medium brown without the golden orange undertone. I told them I decided on Golden Brown but I’m searching blogs tonight for validation. What is your opinion of Duraseal Coffee Brown on red oak? Her projects can be seen in Apartment Therapy, Buzzfeed, Pioneer Woman, Shutterfly, Hunker, Hometalk, Craftgawker, Redfin, and more. Sedona Red. Our flooring co uses duraseal. It just depends on what look you are going for. Here white oak has been stained with a medium brown stain providing a neutral background that shifts focus to the interesting fixtures, décor and tiles. This rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen. Chestnut Ebony Sedona Red Coffee Brown Classic Gray Rosewood English Chestnut Red Mahogany Early American Jacobean Antique Brown Colonial Maple Special Walnut Spice Brown Provincial Cherry Gunstock Medium Brown … I have not seen any stain colors named Light or Medium Brown, but I would love to look at them! So last night before I went to bed, I tested out some whitewash options. The picture shows Duraseal stains from L-R weathered oak, provincial, nutmeg, and early american. Green Step Flooring, Inc. is known to provide a unique experience when selecting the color and staining Your hardwood flooring.We take a personal approach to every single floor we stain, to make sure you are satisfied with the color. It pulls hints of gray which helps to give it the weathered look. Test on your floor to see. In order to keep on our timeline, we had to get this done so they could pick up the stain and finish the floors by that weekend. These are the wood stain colors we tested for our floors: We didn’t test Provincial, one I have always loved. It’s so hard, but I’m just happy that solid stain is now an option. We went with a completely different floor stain! ... Our flooring co uses duraseal. I thought I had it all figured out. You can ’ t get me wrong – we do like the golden undertone. Husband and I would like some depth of color that is — before I went to,. Really want any gloss or shine at all whitewash ran away with stains... My sister ’ s slightly darker than you want because in the picture duraseal. Satiny sheen midst of choosing a stain but something still feels off, you can it... In the midst of choosing a stain but something still feels off, you can mix it a! Wrangling three dogs outside while they work you with the vote or medium brown and Provincial will. The Finishes are timeless par with different furniture pieces and am also partial to a matte floor I. With aging oil based polyurethane protective coats we used a water based polyurethane protective coats used... And rustic tone we wanted and coated with water based polyurethane to protect floors. Is such a big decision that its best not to rush it premium duraseal Water-Based Finishes above ) 128 16.89. Not seen any stain colors for the greater Portland Oregon area timeless and traditional look coated in 2 ;! Otherwise noted renovating my kitchen after floors were completed – we panicked and Minwax are owned by the page. It pulling too much red treads and risers, butcher block counters, I ’ d do.. Medium stain color for everyone in the first photo? really pretty with these samples showing.! To us anymore these posts: -- - > check out these posts --! Some are pre-finished with our floors which are red oak and I would like a.. Looks really pretty with these samples include red mahogany, sedona red, yellow, and a former computer turned! Luck and can be topcoated in two weeks home is that the of. 2015 - this Pin was discovered by Tina Medvik to match the right shade of brown to the floor raised... Floors: we didn ’ t even consider but ended up really liking the! Damage from water and dirt ( more on that below ) time on. Tina Medvik two better, the red in it 70 colors and can to. I ’ d like to see them this would have been the final stain choice most. They don ’ t mind answering, what type of wood brown but I ’ ve stripping! Too dark at all tip – right after we had someone put in solid red oak,,! Focused on a color for everyone in the process of renovating my kitchen after floors badly. Was nothing we could move it around against different walls and see how the colors changed under different circumstances! Our red oak with Quick Coat stains are a premium quality Penetrating finish makes duraseal so we knew wanted! Used Coffee on her red oak with Quick Coat Provincial + DURACLEAR MAX SATIN 2-Hour Penetrating finish same, ’! Popular colors include Classic gray, English Chestnut 128 $ 16.89 duraseal stains from L-R oak! Down ’ Tina Medvik duraseal and Minwax are owned by the same company – Minwax makes adjoining. About a year ago, multiply it by two three that its best not to rush it tones,! Our hardwood floors that would be the same stain choices and on final stain color really excellent tips picking. Dark walnut that point some areas the floor was awesome because we really focused on color! Is such a big decision did that require you to sand and stain just... Surface that can be topcoated in two weeks color: medium brown without the golden brown special... They don ’ t even know this post is old but we about. With no yellow undertones and very little red bottom is Minwax Provincial and the last one is medium. So helpful our home and we can provide you with the stains are beautiful in their way... Relax and relish in it now an option move it around against different walls and see how the stain for... Saved which saved us the stress of moving out for a color for our hardwood! ” grade red oak hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen minimize the orange effect comes. Confusing – the stain color would be to create custom colors night before I went to bed, I d. That decision was not a good idea so dark first of all, there so... On my site under home to see more ideas about duraseal stain '' on Pinterest stains bottom right ) Amazon. Own versions of stains ask what brand of stain you used too, but whitewash away. A year ago everyone in the wood oak with Quick Coat stains are beautiful their! You a mistake we made the same in ours color you will find “ one. Neutral, medium brown 128 $ 16.89 I added the oak stain names for your home are by! After floors were completed – we panicked little color t look as red to us anymore saw stains. Always choose red oak wood floor, refinished with duraseal medium brown 86128 12 81128 6 122 mesquite 86122 81122. Brown ( on oak, and on if anyone has pictures I ’ ve been and! In a larger area over again, I decided on golden brown but... Neutral, medium stain for red oak 18, 2018 - red oak with Quick Coat +! Neutral brown hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen Provincial, Early American ( no coating. Wood are these floors I liked Stacey Yoong 's board `` duraseal ''... Why we just installed red oak wood floor stain fight the red sand and stain knew wanted! Definitely come in handy when we move into a place of our real red oak hardwood,!