Anyone here able to get one of those apartments from NYC housing connect? New York City and the NYC Housing Development Corporation (HDC) offer several types of affordable housing. No log number on housing connect. Among other programs, some buildings take part in a mixed-income … The New York City affordable housing lottery is a complicated process involving a maze of city, state, and federal programs. ... it really does mean a lot to me to hear you all talk about why you love New York City. Sort by. share. I haven't had any responces yet for an interview and I am curious if the log numbers mean anything or if they … Believe it or not, it was only seven years ago that the city’s affordable housing application process went digital. This thread is archived. HPD’s second affordable housing program operates through an online portal called NYC Housing Connect (more on that to come) and includes newer … NYC Housing Connect 2.0 launched on July 1, 2020 as a new online portal to search for and apply to affordable housing in New York City. I've been applying to a bunch of housing lotteries and I see that some of the places have "lottery pending" or "tenant selection in progress" but I don't have any log numbers. save hide report. Typically, lottery apartments are in partially or fully below-market-rate buildings where the developer got some sort of tax and/or zoning incentive in exchange for keeping the apartments in question designated affordable for a certain period of time. Basically, New York offers programs that give developers tax breaks and lower-cost loans if they set aside a certain number of units for affordable housing in new buildings or newly renovated properties. Commonly referred to as the housing lottery, potential tenants are selected at random. best. housing connect lottery pending | nyc housing connect lottery pending | lottery pending housing connect | lottery pending meaning on housing connect | housing c New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 26 comments. level 1. Applying and qualifying for housing does not guarantee a unit. There is no application fee, ... You may also view a listing of affordable housing opportunities by visiting NYC Housing Connect as well as those being managed by the New York City Department of Housing & Preservation ... New York, NY: 2 Bedroom: 96% Upvoted. All apartments are awarded through a lottery; your eligibility is determined by income. In New York City, the place to look first is NYC Housing Connect, which keeps an updated list of open lotteries for affordable dwellings and allows people to apply online. While I didn’t have to go through a public stoning by the community, the sheer amount of paperwork one must compile and present in addition to doing in-person interviews was daunting. How many lotteries did you apply for until you got one? People earning a wide range of incomes can apply to win affordable apartments and co-ops in New York through the NYC housing lottery. VIA57 West, the unusually shaped building on West 57th Street, had an affordable housing lottery posted on the state's website but not on the city's Housing Connect. I recently entered a NYC Housing “Lottery” which turned out to be only slightly less stressful than that described in Shirley Jackson’s short story of the same name. I've applied to several of the apartment listing on nyc housing connect and I have received log numbers that are in the 5,000's through 35,000's. The most common is the 80/20 Housing Program for low-income residents, which gives a tax-break to multi-family rental building developers if they set aside at least 20 percent of new units for low-income households.